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Sweet and Spicy  from New South Wales,Australiaradio_button_checked
Sweet and Spicy
I love the fact that i am going to cheat on my husband something about it really turns me on i do like to live life on the edge he he,
SydneySydney, New South Waleslocation_on
Female | 43 | Straight
Lover_Lips  from Queensland,Australiaradio_button_checked
I'm Lauren married 2 kids both in school, I'm a Tattoo Artist seeking NSA fun if your interested drop me text ....
CairnsCairns, Queenslandlocation_on
Female | 44 | Straight
MushyMeerkat from Queensland,Australiaradio_button_checked
Every man I have dated said that I am hard to please. But I beg to disagree. I am not that hard to please as long as it involves some hot rough sex that will drive me crazy all throughout the night.
BrisbaneBrisbane, Queenslandlocation_on
Female | 62 | Straight
FallingfromBelow997 from Queensland,Australiaradio_button_checked
I guess it's possible to describe just how nice of a person I am. Let me just say that I'm an exciting woman who's very sociable and confident. I like experiencing new things and will always try something at least once
Gold CoastGold Coast, Queenslandlocation_on
Female | 49 | Straight
FarmDessert from Western Australia,Australiaradio_button_checked
I don't care if you like me or not. Please don't bother sending me a message if you will only curse at me or insult me. The only thing lower than my standard is my self-esteem.
PerthPerth, Western Australialocation_on
Female | 61 | Straight
MatildaCharm from New South Wales,Australiaradio_button_checked
Looking for someone mature...wise, adult, older in years but not decrepit, and open to new happenings while learning from past experiences.
SydneySydney, New South Waleslocation_on
Female | 46 | Straight
INadia from New South Wales,Australiaradio_button_checked
Better prepare yourself if you send me a message. I am not trying to scare you or anything. I just don't want you to be surprised once I show you how naughty and wild I can be. I am sure you will enjoy being with me. My dirty mind is always coming up...
SydneySydney, New South Waleslocation_on
Female | 31 | Straight
CutieHunnie from Queensland,Australiaradio_button_checked
No description provided by user
Gold CoastGold Coast, Queenslandlocation_on
Female | 44 | Straight
Granny from Victoria,Australiaradio_button_checked
Hello my name is Ramona i am married and have children that have all now left home so its just me and hubby things are not that great at home as my husband doesn't give me what i need hence my reason for being on this site, i would like this to also ...
MelbourneMelbourne, Victorialocation_on
Female | 69 | Straight
DangerousLady from New South Wales,Australiaradio_button_checked
I admit, I have a tremendous sex drive. I am looking for someone who can be a big help. Can you be that guy? Wink!
SydneySydney, New South Waleslocation_on
Female | 42 | Straight
Azurebeauty from Northern Territory,Australiaradio_button_checked
I am a beautiful hottie who loves teasing a man using my naughty mind and sexy body. You will surely find it hard to resist my temptation, especially if I start telling you what I plan to do with your body. Your mind will you go crazy with lust as yo...
Alice SpringsAlice Springs, Northern Territorylocation_on
Female | 39 | Straight
Petite dream  from New South Wales,Australiaradio_button_checked
Petite dream
I love to have fun when my husband is away i can also accommodate
SydneySydney, New South Waleslocation_on
Female | 51 | Straight

Most Active Swingers

JuicyRebecca from New South Wales,Australia
Married lady in need of some loving are you the one for me? Looking forward to chatting with you soon. Rebecca.
SydneySydney, New South Waleslocation_on
Female | 51 | Straight
SecretJiggles from New South Wales,Australia
I'm a lonely woman, my eyes would certainly tell sad my story. My spouse works abroad and I feel lonely. Searching for flirty man here for fun, no strings attached if possible. You're up for it?
SydneySydney, New South Waleslocation_on
Female | 50 | Straight
FeetPrincess from New South Wales,Australia
Not all men can handle my kink. As my username suggests, I am super into feet. I want to be with a man who will not hesitate to lick my soles and suck my toes. Do that, and I will let you experience the best footjob-handjob-blowjob combo you will eve...
SydneySydney, New South Waleslocation_on
Female | 45 | Straight
juicyjenbbw from Victoria,Australia
Life is to short it is important to explore while we can My journey has taught me much about myself
MelbourneMelbourne, Victorialocation_on
Female | 55 | Straight
SexIsNotAProblem from South Australia,Australia
If vanilla sex is X-rated, does that make kinky stuff XX-rated? That was an honest question but putting it down sounds like a joke. Can I start over when you decide to message me after reading this bio?
AdelaideAdelaide, South Australialocation_on
Female | 47 | Straight
TheDenominator from Queensland,Australia
I'm a Teacher, so my best friends are my lesson plan, my laptop and report card. I love spending most of my spare time sitting in front of the computer, however, I also enjoy the normal stuff, like watching old movies, travelling, gardening, and baki...
RockhamptonRockhampton, Queenslandlocation_on
Female | 55 | Straight
Sexy Mama from New South Wales,Australia
Sexy Mama
Discreet married woman looking for some fun whilst her husband is away, who can help a bored housewife out here?
SydneySydney, New South Waleslocation_on
Female | 42 | Straight
urAnna from Victoria,Australia
I'm a weak and helpless lady. The most fragile of them all. That's all an act, of course. I love it when people look down on me, act cautious around me, and act so caring and attentive towards me. You can treat me like a baby all you want, and I will...
MelbourneMelbourne, Victorialocation_on
Female | 44 | Straight
SweetAria from New South Wales,Australia
Treat me like I am a damsel in distress. Save me from this castle of boredom that encapsulates my spirit. Destroy the shell of shyness that prevents me from venturing into the open sea of life. Be my guide and my saviour. Show me the world and teach ...
NewcastleNewcastle, New South Waleslocation_on
Female | 30 | Straight
Whiteparts from New South Wales,Australia
Hey there how's things? I am a married lady looking for some fun as i am not getting any at home these days my hubby says i just don't do it for him any more would you like to chat see how things go?
SydneySydney, New South Waleslocation_on
Female | 47 | Straight
GambleinBed8923 from South Australia,Australiaradio_button_checked
I am a fairly reserved person but open to life's wonderful adventures! Hoping to get lucky in finding someone who's open-minded and willing to teach me new things.
AdelaideAdelaide, South Australialocation_on
Female | 53 | Straight
BridgetoLove116 from Queensland,Australia
I'm looking for someone who enjoys crazy wild adventures. Nothing too particular right? Just wanna have fun. What kind of fun are you into? I think it's wise if we share ideas on how we could have fun together. Trying my luck if I could catch someone...
BrisbaneBrisbane, Queenslandlocation_on
Female | 37 | Straight

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Couples looking for Men

ShadowBringer from New South Wales,Australiaradio_button_checked
I like to swing at the park, play in the rain and stomp in puddles. I love camping but hate freezing at night, I need heat! Can you make me feel hot?
AlburyAlbury, New South Waleslocation_on
Female | 40 | Straight
EatOnFlorence from New South Wales,Australiaradio_button_checked
I'm a timid woman with lots of smutty thoughts that would surely surprise you once you start talking with me. I might not be the prettiest but I can assure you that I can be the wildest gal you've ever talked with.
SydneySydney, New South Waleslocation_on
Female | 29 | Straight
YoungHappy from Queensland,Australiaradio_button_checked
I'm the type of girl who is very straightforward and funny. I don't like guys who can't give me the pleasure that I want, so if you're one of them, you know what to do.
BrisbaneBrisbane, Queenslandlocation_on
Female | 38 | Straight
SweetyLady from Western Australia,Australiaradio_button_checked
Who love games here? Let's play a game now. It's called the dirty doctor and the naughty nurse.
PerthPerth, Western Australialocation_on
Female | 40 | Straight
AddieAddison from Western Australia,Australiaradio_button_checked
A busy gal like me needs a man who does not mind my busy schedule and lets me do what I need to do for my career. As much as I want to say that I am independent, having a man take care of my physical needs is more gratifying than doing it on my own.
PerthPerth, Western Australialocation_on
Female | 21 | Straight
Blingblingbertie from South Australia,Australiaradio_button_checked
Don't talk to me unless you have something big and juicy to share. - topics to talk about. Big and juicy, are you thinking what I'm thinking?Wink!
AdelaideAdelaide, South Australialocation_on
Female | 29 | Straight
BringTheBigD from Victoria,Australiaradio_button_checked
I'm a woman but I know what I want and how to get it. It's the one thing that made me into a domme. That and my apparent love for bossing men around during sex. I want to feel powerful and loved and that's what I got.
MelbourneMelbourne, Victorialocation_on
Female | 27 | Straight
WarmHeart from New South Wales,Australiaradio_button_checked
Let's create something new, exciting, and uniquely sexy of our own. I don’t like doing anything too extreme. Though I watch extreme videos, but too much pain is not what I consider sexy at all
SydneySydney, New South Waleslocation_on
Female | 41 | Straight
Ladyinred from New South Wales,Australiaradio_button_checked
Hi how are you? My boyfriend and i would love to have a threesome with another guy would you be up for this? If so then get back to me we look forward to hearing from you.
SydneySydney, New South Waleslocation_on
Female | 27 | Straight
Poshspice from New South Wales,Australiaradio_button_checked
Hi there i am from Sydney and my name is Tori, i am hoping to find a guy that can be discreet and that can fulfill my fantasies i have a few lol - my motto is, the only hair between my legs should be your beard! if this is you then get back to me. x
SydneySydney, New South Waleslocation_on
Female | 43 | Straight
Bigtitblonde from New South Wales,Australiaradio_button_checked
Any other men out there that are bored with things at home like me? I look forward to chatting with you and swapping pics ( maybe some sexy ones ) Lucia
SydneySydney, New South Waleslocation_on
Female | 47 | Straight
StarshipPrincess from South Australia,Australiaradio_button_checked
I have been with my man for almost 6 years now. I love him so much and I wanna get married to him, but it's getting kinda boring lately and I am looking for something that would help me spice up our relationship. Can someone give me an advice?
AdelaideAdelaide, South Australialocation_on
Female | 37 | Straight

Hotwives in Australia

SeasonalTease from New South Wales,Australiaradio_button_checked
This granny is looking for someone who can make her smile and horny at the same time. It’s not that I’m horny all the time, it’s just that I want to smile knowing that someone finds me fucking sexy.
SydneySydney, New South Waleslocation_on
Female | 75 | Straight
watHookersR4 from New South Wales,Australiaradio_button_checked
I jiggle more every time I get a hard and rough fucking. I like my lips and skin to be nibbled like I'm the sweetest being ever. I get what I want and right now, all I want is attention from the hunks in this place.
SydneySydney, New South Waleslocation_on
Female | 29 | Straight
SiennaWild from Victoria,Australiaradio_button_checked
Would you like to know a lady that’s both classy and horny at the same time? If you give me a chance to talk to you and know more about you, I can help you unlock your full sexual potential and teach you some kinky things that will make sure to cha...
MelbourneMelbourne, Victorialocation_on
Female | 69
ConfusedAngel from Victoria,Australiaradio_button_checked
Now that I am older, I do realize that life is too short. I have so many things I still want to do, but I feel like I don't have enough time to do it all. As such, I decided to do it one at a time. My priority right now is to experience hookup sex wi...
MelbourneMelbourne, Victorialocation_on
Female | 69 | Straight
PrettyLeafa from New South Wales,Australiaradio_button_checked
I hope you are not shy and afraid. I don't bite unless you tell me to do it, so you don't have to worry about it. I am a naughty hottie who can play rough. Being vanilla is also easy for me. I can do whatever you want me to do. The only thing you nee...
SydneySydney, New South Waleslocation_on
Female | 19 | Straight
iveBeenABadGirl from New South Wales,Australiaradio_button_checked
As a woman, the best part of the day is taking off my bra, trousers, and shirt. Don't be surprised when you find out that most women walk around naked when they're alone. Doesn't even bother me if you're watching. Take your fill.
SydneySydney, New South Waleslocation_on
Female | 27 | Straight
DemiGoddess from Queensland,Australiaradio_button_checked
I like working out in a gym while eyes are all on me. Exposing my sexy cleavage and round booty makes me feel confident of who I am. I like to get everyone's attention like I'm gonna be the prey for the day.
BrisbaneBrisbane, Queenslandlocation_on
Female | 28 | Straight
FairyMia from Queensland,Australiaradio_button_checked
Would you like to know an old foxy that knows how men should enjoy having a good time? For an old gal like me, time is precious and I want to live my life to the fullest while I’m alive on this planet. You only live once so you must enjoy it to the...
BrisbaneBrisbane, Queenslandlocation_on
Female | 62 | Straight
makeMeMoan from Northern Territory,Australiaradio_button_checked
If you want to bend me over, get me on my side, or flip me on my back, it won't be a problem. I might not be a gymnast but I've got one flexible body that can keep up during sex. Don't believe me? Hmm... Up to you.
PalmerstonPalmerston, Northern Territorylocation_on
Female | 28 | Straight
Wolfie Witch from South Australia,Australiaradio_button_checked
Wolfie Witch
Any man who wants to talk anything about anything under the sun is welcome to leave me a message. I am an open-minded woman who is not ashamed to talk about anything but specifically sexual and sensitive topics.
AdelaideAdelaide, South Australialocation_on
Female | 66 | Straight
thisLittleBitch from Victoria,Australiaradio_button_checked
I prefer badass dudes over the gentle ones 'cause I'm not a fan of soft and nice personality. I like being treated like a slave during sex because I find it arousing to be under someone's control. Rough and fast sex is what I fancy the most.
MelbourneMelbourne, Victorialocation_on
Female | 26 | Straight
CherryMax from New South Wales,Australiaradio_button_checked
All I want is to have someone who can make me experience the delight of being eaten out until my legs shake out of control. I hope I can find someone who will not easily get tired, especially when he is licking my pussy. I want a man who will continu...
SydneySydney, New South Waleslocation_on
Female | 35 | Straight

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